Social media platforms are predominantly visual. They are also reactive, in that they only provide access to those with low vision after their success with the sighted user market. This became an opportunity to build a platform from the ground up, designed specifically for the needs of low vision users and optimized for screen readers.

Byte is a social platform that is purely auditory.

Course: Looking Forward: Vision-Related Access and Assistive Tech

Brief: Transform and advance assistive technologies. Groups will work with outside partners to build a prototype, perform user testing and document their process.

Role: experience design, accessibility UX design, concept, Javascript, HTML, CSS

Shown at the ITP Spring Show 2018


Testing Script

  1. You’re getting ready for your day. Find out what your friends have been up to lately.

  2. While listening to the feed, someone calls from the other room. Pause your feed and come back later.

  3. You record a post and don’t like the results. Delete the recording and create a new one.

  4. Last night you met a favorite celebrity of yours. Tell your friends about the experience! (Sometimes it takes a couple tries)

  5. You love hearing what your friends are up to. The second post, however is teensy bit boring. Skip it and move on to the next.


Feedback from users at the Helen Keller Services for the Blind

  1. The screen reader is reading the audio post’s URL. URL needs to go.

  2. Each post needs a person’s name to go along with it.

  3. Needs play, pause, skip, start over buttons.

  4. Would like to record longer than 10 seconds. About 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

  5. Page where users can hear what’s going on in the world and locally, in addition to what their friends are doing.


Accessibility Optimization

  1. High contrast, black and white.

  2. Large buttons.

  3. Screen-reader friendly, no unnecessary or extraneous visual design.

  4. Take out lengthy, meaningless link-names for each audio post and replaced with user attribution.

  5. No images, even logo is live type.

  6. Utilized one page to include both the recording screens and news feed for easier navigation.


Final Prototype


Mobile Wireframes

The future of  Byte  will be to build out a mobile application to address the request from user testing.

The future of Byte will be to build out a mobile application to address the request from user testing.

Where to Find the Code

 Javascript on GitHub